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by pmelliere
Nov 26, 2008
6:04 PM

Being evaluated

Fix for window layout not saving or "doing nothing" when you click the buttons to apply a layout.

Visual Studio will automatically save any changes you make to a named layout if it is the current layout, so the behavior of this add-in is not what most people expect. For example let's say you save your current layout as the design layout (with the Toolbox tab open), then you change that layout in some way (you remove the Toolbox), then you apply the coding layout; the next time you apply the design layout it will not return to the point at which you saved it, it will return to the point at which you switched from that layout to the coding layout (the Toolbox will not show even though it was showing when you saved it) because Visual Studio auto saved your change when you removed the toolbox.

This fix creates two layouts every time you save a layout. One is preserved as the "saved" layout and doesn't change unless you choose to save it via the "Save Window Layout As.." menu. The second layout is the one actually applied as the current layout. In doing this, any changes you make to the current layout will not alter the "saved" layout, allowing for better save/restore behavior. This is transparent to the user of course so there are no UI changes.

If you want to use this, download the patch (WindowManager.cs file), replace the one in the source directory with the patched version, and rebuild the solution. (Re)place the resultant dll in the addins directory "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\MSEnvShared\Addins".



by pmelliere
Nov 25, 2008
10:10 PM

Being evaluated

Fix for VS2008
Modified "WindowManager2005.AddIn" to include version 9.0 of VisualStudio.



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